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The Barkly Region Sport Education Coordinator facilitates sport and physical activities for schools in Tennant Creek and surrounding communities. Programs include interschool events for groups of schools as well as tailored programs for remote schools, catering for primary and high school aged students. The Sport Education Coordinator also facilitates selections for teams and squads to participate in the School of Sport Education NT 12 Years & Under and 15 Years and Under programs.

School visits and interschool Sports Programs

The focus for all programs is participation and skill development across a range of sports and physical activities. “Come and Try’’ philosophy is promoted throughout all programs with the inclusion of competition between schools. The visiting school program is also an opportunity for teachers in community schools to participate in peer coaching to use the programs, games and sports in their ongoing Health and Physical Education Programs.

Barkly Region representation in School of Sport Education NT Inter-region Programs

Barkly region teams or squads are selected to attend SSENT Championships or Development Camps for Interstate selection. To be selected, students must have participated in the sport at regional level and developed an appropriate level of knowledge and skills in the sport.

All teams and squads rely on volunteer team coaches and managers to train students and supervise travelling groups.

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How to get involved

Barkly Region Sport Education Coordinator:

Pam Dillon

08 8963 2060

0447 086 403

Barkly Region Administration Assistant:


08 8963 2060

Barkly Region School of Sport Education NT Office:

08 8963 2060

PO Box 459, Tennant Creek NT 0861

Barkly Education Office, 65 Staunton St, Tennant Creek

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